Welcome letter from the Chair

Thank you for your interest in Red Kite Community Housing and for requesting details of the above post. The enclosed pack will provide you with information about Red Kite Community Housing, a Tenant Led organisation, and what we seek to achieve as well as details of the key posts for our Senior Management team

As a result of our successful ballot in May we are now looking to recruit a strong management team who will be responsible for delivering the promises to our Tenants and Leaseholders commencing January 2012 and ensuring that all promises are delivered on time and within budget. We have already appointed our Chief Executive Trevor and our Resources Director Neil. We are aiming for a transfer date of the 12th December 2011.

The process of our transfer has not been a typical one, although long and exhaustive. We have faced many challenges since agreeing our option to transfer, including three Housing Ministers, a change of Government and in turn Government policies including the HRA review which has resulted in Self Financing being implemented in 2012. This has made the process more complicated than that of a "normal" transfer and we have had to attend many sessions with the current Minister and CLG to ensure that we could go to ballot with a robust business plan. Tenants and Leaseholders of the district have been in the driving seat from the beginning and with the support of the Local Authority and staff we are moving forward.

Red Kite Community Housing will receive an eclectic mix of housing which includes 600 Leasehold properties 32 sheltered housing schemes and approximately 6000 general needs properties several shops and even a pub!


The Wycombe District covers a wide area in Buckinghamshire and incorporates three towns; we also have many homes in our picturesque rural areas. High Wycombe is a market town and like many is suffering from a decline in the economy. Marlow is a lovely riverside town and has a very high tourist influx during the spring and summer months. Princes Risborough is another Market Town although much smaller than High Wycombe.

We believe this is a truly exciting albeit challenging time to be involved. We will be looking for people who truly believe that a successful housing association needs REAL tenant involvement, someone who is going to sign up to our visions and values Partnership Pride and Respect and who will permeate those visions and values throughout the organisation and our partners.

We are passionate about the future with Red Kite Community Housing and our promises are really not too different from most stock transfers but we believe that we can achieve success not based on a template but by offering something unique. And that is TRUE partnership working with our tenants and leaseholders and a TRUE desire to improve our communities. We are not a community gateway model but we are looking to improve things not just for tenants and leaseholders but for all residents.

We will be looking for the best experienced and best qualified professionals to work with us to deliver not just the promises made to our Tenants but to our staff and all stakeholders. It is going to be a real challenge but at the same time an exciting one and we look forward to receiving your application.

Yours faithfully

Jennie Ferrigno
Chair, Red Kite Community Housing

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