Board Members details

Board Members details

How were the Board Members chosen

An open afternoon and an open evening were held in March for prospective tenant and leaseholder members of the Shadow Board. Applications were then invited and interviews held by a panel consisting of 2 tenants, Solon (the Independent Tenants Advisor) and the Tenant & Leaseholder Participation Manager. Following this process 5 tenants and 1 leaseholder were chosen to sit on the board.

Advertisements were placed in the local press and local businesses were targeted in our search for Independent Shadow Board Members with the necessary skills and experience. 5 Independent Shadow Board Members were selected by an interview panel consisting of 2 Tenant Board Members, 1 Council Board Member, Solon (the Independent Tenant Advisor), the Tenant - Led Transfer Project Team Manager and the Tenant and Leaseholder Participation Manager. The Independent board members have valuable experience and expertise (not just in housing) to ensure that the Board fulfils the Tenant Services Authorities' strict guidance on how the organisation is run.

Who are the Board Members

Jennie Ferrigno

Jennie has been a tenant of Wycombe District Council for around 30 years and has been the Chair of Wycombe Tenant & Leaseholder Committee (TLC) for 4 years. In June she stood down as Chair of the TLC to take up a new role as Chair of the Shadow Board of Red Kite. Jennie initially got involved in tenant participation because she was experiencing some issues locally at the time. She has since learnt that tenant participation isn't just about personal issues, it is much greater than that and it is also very addictive. Jennie is committed to making sure that the best interests of tenants and leaseholders are looked after and believes that moving to Red Kite is the only way to do this. She wants to make sure that she can use the knowledge and experience she has gained over the years to help tenants and leaseholders have a say in how their homes are managed in the future. Jennie used to own her own engineering business and was on the regional committee for the MS society. She is an ardent rugby fan and when she has any spare time she loves to read..

Hugh Ashton Moore

Hugh first got involved in tenant participation about 3 years ago when he became a member of the General Management Issue Group. He went on to become a member of the Wycombe Tenant and Leaseholder Committee. He has now stood down from this position to take up the role as Vice-Chair of the Shadow Board. Hugh has been a tenant of Wycombe District Council for over 15 years and lives in Totteridge. He is convinced that the only way forward to secure the investment that is so badly needed in tenants' homes is to transfer to Red Kite Community Housing. He wants to be at the forefront of this exciting new venture to make sure that everything is transparent and open to scrutiny. His background in accounting and bookeeping will stand him in good stead to do this.

Jonathan Walton

Jonathan came to the Housing Conference in January to find out more about the Tenant-Led Transfer. He joined the General Management Issue Group as a result. Jonathan was particularly concerned about the shortfall Wycombe District Council was facing in the future to maintain the housing service and decided to put himself forward to join the Shadow Board. He is hopeful that the ballot will be a positive one so that tenants' homes can be maintained to the new Red Kite Standard rather than the basic level that the Council would be able to offer. He has been a tenant of Wycombe District Council for over 30 years. Jonathan is looking forward to being involved in building the foundations of a very successful new organisation and setting the new policies and procedures. He is currently a Chauffeur and in his spare time enjoys photography, watching motor sports, studying history and visiting historical places.

Sheelagh Jones

Sheelagh was also recruited to tenant participation having attended the Housing Conference in January. She was so inspired that she applied to join the Shadow Board. Sheelagh wants to help make a difference to Wycombe's Community and is very pleased to be a part of this exciting opportunity. She has been a Wycombe District Council tenant since 2001 and currently works for a Market Research Company as a member of the Operations Team. She has been a volunteer in various organisations and gained experience as a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. In her spare time she enjoys sport, photography and music and is particularly interested in local history.

Hazel Chandler

Hazel has lived in High Wycombe for all of her life and been a leaseholder for the last 24 years. Before this she was a council tenant. Hazel joined the Leaseholder Issue Group 4 years ago and in consequence she is very aware of issues which concern Wycombe District Councils leaseholders. She is keen to make sure that their views are taken into account and as a member of the Shadow Board she will ensure that this is the case. Hazel was a founder member of the Micklefield Community Association and has experience of working on committees for the benefit of the community. She is looking forward to using her experience and knowledge in developing Red Kite.

Hugh McCarthy

Hugh is a retired professional engineer with nearly 40 years experience in the environmental consultancy arena. He moved to Wycombe in 1963 and has always fully engaged in the local activities and community affairs. He has been a District Councillor for nearly 8 years and served as a Parish Councillor for almost 25 years. Hugh was nominated by Wycombe District Council to sit on the Shadow Board and his wish to give something back to society and the community at large has also inspired him. He is looking forward to helping Red Kite address the need for high quality social housing to encourage the feeling of pride and respect in the community for present and future citizens.

Ian McEnnis

Ian completed 44 years service in the Royal Air Force and Ministry of Defence. He has lived in High Wycombe since 1978 and has 3 children and 6 grandchildren. Ian has been a local politician for a number of years and was Mayor of High Wycombe in 2002/3. He is currently the Vice-chairman of Wycombe District Council, Honorary Secretary and Vice-Chairman of the Royal Air Forces Association, High Wycombe Branch, Vice- chairman of the Junior Youth Club as well as the on the Youth and Community Centre Management Committee at Lane End. Ian was nominated to the Shadow Board by Wycombe District Council and is keen to use his expertise to help make Red Kite a success. He enjoys reading historical books in his spare time.

Brian Pollock

Brian has lived in the Wycombe District for 25 years and been a District Councillor for 15 of them. He was nominated as a Shadow Board member by Wycombe District Council. Many of his family have lived in council rented accommodation for much of their lives. He believes that providing a high standard of accommodation and service accompanied by a sense of security is extremely important for tenants. Brian wants Red Kite to aspire to and achieve those standards and hopes to play a role in achieving them. His interests include railways, their history and their social effects; the local history of Bourne End and its surrounding area and watching sport (particularly football and cricket).

Michaela Booth

Michaela is currently the Group Treasurer for the Guinness Partnership, which owns and manages nearly 60,000 homes. She joined the Guinness Partnership to make a difference to people's lives through the provision of good quality, affordable homes and the creation of communities. Over the last 7 years with the partnership Michaela, an Associate Member of Corporate Treasurers, has set treasury policy, interest and funding strategies. Michaela lives in the Wycombe District and believes that her local knowledge along with her experience through treasury and banking will benefit Red Kite. Michaela enjoys keeping fit and has completed the Moon Walk as well as a number of runs for charity.

Christopher Thomas

Christopher has worked in housing for 40 years. He is currently the Head of Housing and Residential Development with the council in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead. He was actively involved in the housing transfer there, which took place in 1995. His experience includes housing management, housing needs, housing strategy, finance, housing law, homelessness and supported housing. Christopher has lived in the High Wycombe area for 35 years and his children and grandchildren also live in the area. He therefore has a strong local interest in services and believes that his experience and expertise in the housing field will help establish Red Kite as an organisation that delivers high quality homes and housing. Christopher enjoys reading, history, football, badminton and travel.

Justin Bootland

Justin is the Accommodation Manager at Buckinghamshire New University, having worked his way up through the department since 2001. He is experienced in managing housing, contracts and tenancy disputes, managing budgets and working under difficult financial constraints. He has an understanding of housing law and is experienced in data analysis. Justin has worked and lived in the Wycombe area for a number of years and welcomes the opportunity to contribute something back to the community by being a member for the Shadow Board. Justin has a keen interest in sport and has always been part of sports teams including football, hockey and badminton.

James Moorcroft

James is a qualified Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Advisor and also the director of a local firm of chartered accountants. He has dealt with businesses from start ups to multi-million pound turnover companies. He has provided advice on accounts, taxation, business structure and compliance with statutory obligations. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. Having lived most of his life in the area James wants to give something back to his local community. His qualifications and experience are well placed to help him do this. James has taken part in many charitable activities including dragon boating in support of Wheelpower and an overnight 18 mile walk for the Big Issue Foundation. He enjoys choral singing, playing the bassoon and piano, walking, reading, tennis and golf.

Chris Pierce

Chris has worked in social housing for 14 years and has been involved with five housing transfers in Manchester, London and Rickmansworth. He is a senior finance professional with strong strategy development and business planning skills. He has knowledge of social housing and regeneration, board governance and committee work. He is committed to equality and diversity. Chris has lived in Wycombe for over 20 years where his family grew up. He is looking forward to being able to use his skills, experience and local knowledge for the benefit of the local community and feels that it is a privilege to serve on the Board. In his spare time Chris enjoys walking in the country and sea angling.

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