Red Kite Vision and Values

Excellent services for you and your community

Our Mission

Together, we will

  • Provide excellent quality affordable homes to the highest standards
  • Work to ensure responsive, value for money services that deliver successful outcomes and are transparent
  • Develop new and creative ways of working that respects all views, benefits communities and encourages involvement at a local level

Our Values

Together, we will

  • Work in Partnership. (Red Kite will work with tenants, leaseholders, the wider community and staff; communicating and working in a fair and open way, building trust and mutual respect in all we do)
  • Respect each other. (Red Kite will value its tenants, leaseholders and staff and be supportive, efficient and flexible in all we do)
  • Create Pride. (Red Kite will be innovative; creative; invest wisely and work to the highest standards, portraying excellence and pride in all we do)

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